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Beautiful Colored Hair Kit

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1-Shampoo for Beautiful Color

Discover the secret to making hair colour stand out for even longer with Oribe Shampoo for Beautiful Colour. It helps to brighten coloured hair, extending the life of the dye and leaving hair that feels silky smooth while also offering protection from weather stressors and pollutants.

This shampoo is specifically formulated for coloured hair and helps to protect it from environmental and lifestyle stressors such as the sun’s harmful rays, airborne chemicals, pollution and even heat styling. Its natural ingredients work in tandem to make hair a crowning glory.

Extracts of watermelon and edelweiss work to keep the richness of colour dyes and highlights intact. This prevents the hair from losing its shade and looking dull and brassy. It contains amber to help nourish hair, restoring its vitality, while keratin forms a protective coating on each strand to restore and strengthen the structure of hair.


2- Conditioner for Beautiful Colour

Protect and extend the life of your colour with Oribe Conditioner for Beautiful Colour, a conditioner that provides deep hydration and leaves hair soft and silky. Free of parabens and sodium chlorate, this conditioner also provides UV protection to prevent colour from fading.

This conditioner is formulated with Oribe signature complex to protect against oxidation, honey derived humectants to provide dye protection, edelweiss flower extract to protect against drying, watermelon extract to preserve keratin and a unique blend of silicones to protect against UV and solar damage.

Oribe Conditioner for Beautiful Colour should be massaged into freshly washed hair and left in for at least one minute before rinsing out.


3- Masque for Beautiful Color

Add life and shine to your hair with the latest colour-maintenance technology in this luxurious conditioning masque.

This cuticle-enriching conditioner protects colour against UV filters, while next-generation frizz-taming bio-polymers supercharge this colour-enhancing, hair-repairing forumla. Keep your mane looking fresh and glossy both in response to and in preparation for ongoing colour treatments

Free from parabens and sodium chloride, this gentle formula is suitable for all hair types, including colour and keratin treated hair.

Beautiful Colored Hair Kit

Beautiful Colored Hair Kit

57.000 KD33.750 KD


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