How does a quick hair detox work?

Your hair may need a quick detox, especially if it is tired and brittle, and the solution is to use IKOO Thermal Treatment Wrap Detox & Balance Mask with berries and seaweed extracts. It purifies the hair from roots to ends and treats split ends and dry hair. Use it on clean hair and get within 20 minutes Pure and soft strands.

You have run out of contour in the middle of your makeup, what is the solution?

It is annoying to be in the middle of your makeup to discover that the contour has run out, so we advise you to use the trick of makeup experts using concealer and corrector as an alternative to defining the look of the face, the secret lies in the skill of defining the sections and merging colors

We recommend keeping your Graftobian Corrector & Concealer Makeup Wheels. This palette is used as a color corrector, concealer, and even foundation with its perfect coverage and a lightweight, formaldehyde-free formula with a variety of shades that help you achieve any color combination that suits all skin tones.

How do I choose a sunscreen that protects the skin and suits makeup?

The right choice starts with a broad spectrum sunscreen that protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays with an SPF of at least SPF 30, with a combination of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that protects the skin and reflects light, so use a rich sunscreen With vitamins such as vitamin E as an antioxidant and moisturizer for the skin

We recommend that you use a tinted sunscreen, which helps highlight the makeup more, at least 15 minutes before applying the foundation, such as Face-Inc Sun UV Defense Tinted from FaceInc.


Have an occasion and you need to tighten the face and moisturize the skin at the same time?

Korean Avajar masks with elastic fiber technology, instantly tighten the face and its effect lasts up to 24 hours, and the moisturizing serum in the mask works to nourish and moisturize the skin deeply.

In summer, my hair gets tired and the color fades, what do I do?

Simply spray your hair before going out with a little Ikoo Duo Treatment Spray Color Protect & Repair, it works to form a filter to protect hair from the sun's UV rays and enhances hair color in addition to treating damaged hair fibers.

 I Need a quick and effective treatment for dark circles.

The fastest and best solution is Face inc Eyelift ampoules with a revolutionary patented formula rich in perylene, vitamin C and collagen, which treats dark circles within 30 days and tightens the under-eye area in just 30 seconds

It is enough to put a little of this wonderful serum in the under-eye area in the morning and evening, to get the result you want without dark circles within only 30 days.

 My hair is damaged and I need a magic dose that gives me an instant result.

It may seem impossible but with the tired hair care routine OMG! 3IN1 KIT HAIR REPAIR SYSTEM From Double Dare you can give a therapeutic dose to your hair with natural and effective ingredients.

The first step begins with using a medicated shampoo with coconut, lavender and rosemary oil to gently cleanse the scalp and remove excess oils and impurities from the scalp. It reduces split ends and breakage and moisturizes hair.

In the last step, apply a collagen mask for 20 minutes, which works to treat damaged and tired hair and nourish dry hair fibers with nutrients

Check the Video of using the routine with steps:

 I need a product that provides natural coverage for the face in the summer without clumping or drying out my skin.

What you need is a face moisturizer and a BB Cream in one. Fortunately, this year, beauty brand The Balm launched the ANNE T. DOTES® Tinted Moisturizer, an advanced duo that provides natural coverage for the face with its lightweight, cool, fast-absorbing texture and hydration. The skin thanks to its rich composition of murumuru butter, antioxidants, vitamins A and C that moisturize and nourish the skin, and it is available in 6 colors to suit all skin tones.

How do I deal with swollen and tired face in the morning?

Perhaps it is one of the most common problems, especially in the days when we stay up late, and the solution is an icy shock to your face! You can use the Bling Pop Glacier Moisturizing Mask with polar water extracts and minerals to give the skin a refreshing dose and reduce fatigue and swelling, and use the Ice Roller from iGlow to stimulate blood circulation in the face and reduce puffiness and redness


One product with multi purposes?

Definitely ! One product that can be used as a moisturizer for the hands or lips or a cream to moisturize the hands and feet and even as a primer and because its small size will always be in your pocket, it is Dr. Dr.PAWPAW Original Clear Balm

With a nourishing botanical formula of aloe vera, papaya and olive oil, it meets all skin needs in one product

   On the go hair problem??

Always be prepared and keep in your bag the hair tissues from ikoo, it offers 3 different products to treat the most common hair problems such as the Hair Fresh Ups Anti Frizz Smoothing Wipes for Frizzy Hair, the Dry Shampoo Hair Fresh-Ups Wipes that absorb the excess oils in the hair strands and give them softness and vitality, Hair Fresh- Perfume Ups protects your hair strands from external pollution factors and gives them a quick fragrance with lavender extract To detangle your hair, don't forget the iKoo Pocket Brush with flexible teeth and Chinese massage technology that detangles hair smoothly and quickly.


 My skin is very dry, especially in summer, and the effect of most moisturizers is not enough. What is the solution?

What you need is to moisturize your body from inside, drink a lot of water and eat vegetables and fruits, in addition to a strong and concentrated dose of moisturizing for the skin, especially before applying makeup. Perhaps the best product that meets these requirements is a Primer Mist from Face Ink Primer Mist

Which provides 15 times more hydration in 15 seconds and because its formula is light and fast absorbing, you will notice the effect immediately and after 10 minutes start applying makeup.


 I am pregnant and I need a safe and natural ingredients of a hair coloring tubes.

Obtaining a new look is a key factor in modifying the mood and adding a change in lifestyle, but with the circumstances of pregnancy and childbirth, there are fewer safe aesthetic options, such as hair dye, and here comes the role of natural and safe hair dyes from La Zartigue, which provides an easy-to-use aesthetic alternative and a safe formula with rich and attractive colors for hair dye For pregnant women, the elderly, and even children.